Guys? Girls? Texting guidelines?

How long do you wait to brush someone when they don't respond to your text?

We all know the drill: texting a guy or girl we're into, maybe we just asked them a question, or tried to solidify plans, whatever...but then, nothing.

How long until you should write them off? A few hours? A day? More than that?

Just curious what everyone else's protocol is : ) Thanks!


Most Helpful Guy

  • this girl I've just started seeing can take up to 12 hours plus to respond to my texts. It bothers the hell out of me, but its also making me realize that some people just aren't big texters. So it really depends on the person. As long as they respond confirming plans to meet up with you than I don't think it matters.


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  • For waiting on a guy to respond? Two weeks, is my bet.

    For waiting on a girl to respond? 4 days.

    Girls seem to obsess more about instant communication and responses than guys do.


What Girls Said 2

  • It's called this: you need to even the playing field.

    If he only texts so much, text the same amount.

    If he takes a certain time to respond, take the same time to respond.

    And if you ever need an urgent answer, call, and keep it short and sweet.

    Never put in more effort than the other person. Not if they're not willing to give it. I don't care if they're not an avid texter. It's called being considerate. And they don't deserve your consideration if they won't give theirs.

  • "wait to brush someone" ?

    I think you should be mature, stop playing the silly mind games, and be straight up. There is no 'protocol' for this unless you are one of those silly 15 year olds who makes up all these dating rules that don't even apply. Call them. Say "Hey, I was calling to check up on our plans seeing as you never texted me back." If you have to leave a message saying that and they never call or text back, then simply don't talk to them until they put in an effort to talk to you.