Asking someone to prom you haven't hung out a lot with?

i met a guy at a Christmas party in December and we talk a lot on Skype and on the phone and through texting etc. but he goes to school 15 hours away so we don't exactly get to hang out...would it be weird (for either party) to ask someone to prom you haven't hung out a lot with in person even though you talk a lot?


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  • I went to an all male private school that did not sell single tickets - only couples tickets.

    Asking random girls you barely knew was less weird then the alternative, which was being set up with someone.

    I asked one girl to a semi-formal 10 minutes after I met her. She said yes, hah.

    • did it make it really awkward though?

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    • oh I know there will be a lot of people just bringing random guys...but I have very few options when it comes to that...would you ever say "no" or think it was weird if a girl asked you randomly?

      i know I get along with him really well when we're talking on the phone or Skype...

    • If he says no, he says no. He might say no because of logistics. He might say no because of cost. Who knows. Just ask.

  • It kind of depends what establishment you both have as friends...


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