What signs to look for?

I'm brand new here so I'm not sure if this what I'm supposed to do..

I really like a guy..He is so gorgeous but I seem to be getting mixed messages from him..I have caught him looking at me from time to time but when I look back , he looks away and doesn't look at me again...On Saturday I met him in while I was shopping and I asked him to come and have a coffee with me..He was very keen..

We sat for about 30 minutes but I did most of the talking!..He often rubbed his leg against mine..All signs I think but I'm afraid of taking it any further in case I scare him off.

Help!..What should I look for..What should I do?


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  • Don't beat youself up about it..You have already made a move...catching his eye and inviting him for coffee..

    You are very very attrctive and I feel that I need to give you some advice..Be careful he is not going to use you as a trophy on his arm if you do end up going out with each other..

    You don't seem like the shy type so try to approach him again and talk about what happened in the coffee shop(he rubbing his leg against you)

    Ask him if he is interested in you and why..That you are interested in him but you are not a girl to be used

    Yes you may be attracted to him,he may be gorgeous but that does not mean that the person within is as attractive on the inside.

    So my advice to you would be to be careful..and if he ends up being genuine then great..


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  • He's rubbing his leg on yours the first time you get together...over coffee. This guy sounds like he just wants to get laid. If he's interested in getting to know you he would have at least engaged in more convo. I say forget about him unless all you're after is sex.

    • He doesn't seem like a player and I've not been told he is either..I'm not just after sex..I'm quite attracted to him and would love to go out with him but I'm thinking maybe's its something that I'm not doing to get his attention

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