He says I'm teasing him, but I'm not doing it on purpose?

I'm with this guy for 2 months. We used to be flatmates but now we also live in the same room (his idea) and we haven't slept together yet. I just want to wait a couple of months more and he said he'd understand.

Anyways he said I'm teasing him, giving him blue balls all the time. He says that sleeping in one bed while not doing was torture, so is having a shower together (although he always joins me, I never ask me to, he doesn't have to do that) and that I'm not exactly making it easy for him the way I dress.

Am I really not making it easy for him or is just saying this so have sex earlier? What can I do to make it easier then?


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  • In a relationship, the guy's role is to be the sexual aggressor; to always be pushing towards sex. It's the girl's role to put on the brakes and to set the pace and the schedule.

    He is doing his job; he's pushing you to have sex sooner. He's trying to subtly use guilt to get you to change your mind, not in a malicious way, but still. I have no doubt that what he's telling you is true, because when you are in love with a girl, you want her BADLY, and to have her around you all the time when you can't have her IS a bit of torture. LOL. But he'll survive, and there's no permanent damage or anything.

    Of course, he is definitely making things harder on himself too, by putting himself in situations where he knows his desire will build to insane levels. That's not your fault either, for the most part anyway.

    I recommend that you stick to your schedule and wait until you are ready, but maybe create some boundries so that you don't tempt him so much. And don't feel guilty, because he's just as much to blame for his issues as you are; probably moreso.

  • You are not teasing him, he is teasing himself, but the best thing to do is just say to him, stop showering with you and stop sleeping with you, get another bed if he can't handle it, and if the clothes you wear are to much then maybe he should move out, all in a jest but sarcky way, because this will make him realize that you mean what you say and that you want to wait and he can't push you into something your not ready for, because that is all he is doing, he is trying to make you feel guilty by blaming you, but its his own doing, and most guys will be the same, but to maintain his respect, you need to follow through with the no sex until your ready, otherwise he will see you as easy, so don't give in, he will wait, but don't fail this test he has given you, because a girl who puts up to easy isn't relationship material to a guy, they are just sex, and that's all, so don't become sex to him, become a partner, good luck,x

    • do you think he's really just testing me? If he is, it's a really mean test.

      He doesn't know that I'm still a virgin, do you think it's time to tell him?

    • Dont tell him anything until your committed to the idea of sex, because when he is told he will try even harder to push you into sex, and although I could be wrong about the test, but he is showing you little respect if its not, and yes it is harsh, and disrespectful, which is why a lot of men choose to grow out of it and accepts a womans decision when and how she makes it, so stick with your guns and until he shows you a little more respect, you don't have to tell him anything, xx

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