Shall I tell a guy I'm angry at him?

*Open relationship or smt like that

*we live in different countries, but he said we would meet next month and now he just avoid any conversation about it

*I don't want him for smtg serious (atm) I just wanna see him badly

*I don't want him to come over and talk to me like nothing happened, but I don't know if I should let him know right now if I am angry or should I wait till he contact me.

* does it worth saying "i am angry at you"?


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  • yes you should let him know that you are angry at him,.

  • No

    Keep it deep, down inside forever

    should be very healthy for you

    • that sounds like sarcarms

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    • well if I write it properly ...SARCASM?

    • Oh

      I definitely know what that is

      and included quite a bit in my initial response

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