I don't really understand what he wants from me? Does he like me or what?

I m daiting this guy ,(we had like 4-5 dates wich was verry fun and we really enjoyed spending time togeder ,we had really great connection,and is not like I m not good looking Im, I don't worry about that, And I m not all the time advaible for him to say that;s wahy he lost his intrest..) and to continue he went home for a week I and California I didn't heard nothing from him all this time, I was he is home having fun with his family... ok.. whatever. then he came in thye city since 2 weeks and all what l got from him "was how are you" after this 2 week we had a date, the same was fun we had a really great time (this time when we met think he was a little nervous). he looks and he acts like a person down to earth, at least is what l see. He is not a shy person , to say that's why he dosnt persues me.He is smart and he has a great personality.

My friends tell me maybe he has a gf,of maybe becase his roommate friend he is kinda an a**hole , he listen to him or maybe Because l m not from here and he thinks that I can leave home any time, hut I study here and Ill be here for at least 4 yrs(dont think this will be a problem if you like someone).

When we are together , we dont have to say that we like eachother is like we feel this, And is not like he use me for sex we didn't have sex yet, he never mention nothing.

He acts on-off. Is so anoing.should l just go straight and ask him what he wants, or if he has girlfriend , or why not let,s just enjoy the moment?coz I really like him and if is nothing from his side I don't wanna loose my time from some one that he has girlfriend or he dosn't likes me.

What should I do?


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  • Ask him does he have a girlfriend, then ask him what does he want, does he want to be friends or does he want a relationship with you. Don't play a guessing game when it comes to your feelings, it's better to know than to not know.


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