Make up or Break up..What would you do?

I'm dating a boy 3 years older than me.

He's a good guy and I'm happy with him when we hangout but he rarely compliments me and makes me feel special and he has terrible mood swings. He used to be a huge player, but claims he has changed. He gets mad about the smallest things and isn't talking to me currently and changed our public relationship status to 'it's complicated' all because I talked to an old guy friend of mine. He gets jealous really easy and even when we're together, sometimes he doesn't focus on me. He's kind of hypocritical because he compliments other girls(not flirts) but he still talks to his ex, whereas he gets mad when I talk to other guys.

I really like him though, never felt so easy to be with someone,

But I don't know weather to try and fix it or let him go. We've only been together 3 months, and the day after we had a huge fight he posted a status about how fantastic his day was and how he never had one like it..


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  • well theirs 2 options 2 the fantastic day status. one he probably just wrote that trying to get you jealous or thinking maybe he did do something and 2 he might have done something fantastic lol but either way it was to get you to think how his day was fantastic without you.

    "If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were" Richard Bach

    i would try giving him some space and let him think about what he wants before making any permanet decisions.

    but if I were you I would not put up with the mood swings and the jealous. because if he can girls that are friends then its only right that you can have guys friends. its not a big deal. everyone has friends lol he should understand that they are only your friends, their should be trust between you guys.

    hoped this helped. lol sorry if it didnt..


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  • I think if it's this difficult so early on, without any big family or social problems surrounding the relationships, the chances are it's probably time to move on, but if you're really serious about him, then let him know he needs to buck his ideas up, he needs to make you feel like your the only girl in the world for him, he needs to make you feel a million dollars even when you're lying in bed with flu - a guy should make you feel good about yourself - have you tried complimenting him though? Many guys don't compliment because their girls don't compliment them, have you told him how hot he is? How he makes you feel safe? How he makes you feel comfortable but at the same time like your on a dangerous mission? Talk like that makes a guy feel like, well, a guy, compliment him, sometimes you'll have to tease compliments out of him, because well say he's had a bad day at work, he doesn't wanna come home and have you waiting on the doorstep telling him how sh*tty your day is, sometimes a bottle of coca-cola and a bag of crisps and 20mins in front of the TV are enough to relax him, giving you both time to cool down after your bad days and then maybe you'll both be a little more enamoured with one another - and compliments could, if he's a good guy, they'll flow.

    • Thank you very much for your input:)

      I do compliment him very often, but I stopped because it felt awkward to compliment him and never get a response back :$

      but you're right about him just wanting to relax.

      I think for now, I'll just have to give him space..

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