Is he really into me?and should i show him that i'm interested a little more?

okay , well i`ve met this guy like 3 months ago, and we ve been seeing each other a few times and been texting and writing a lot on fb, not every day ( which I prefer) but yes few times a week. And I'm not the kind of girl who runs after him like a dog although I really kinda fancy him. I kinda fancied him ever since we had our first date together he was really open asked me loads of questions about me and my family, complimented my eyes, and said that I would think differently than other girls. And that he would like that. So after every time we met up, he thanked me for spending time with him and always said he had a good time , and he would always text me after a date or the next day. Too be honest I never texted him really first he aas the one who started talking first, plus I don't wana get him annoyed or scare him off by texting him all the time or so. and I sometimes wait one hour or so until I text back. He even wrote me while I was in iran for 2 weeks every day almost. when I got back he wrote me the first , but iwas the one to ask him on another date. So ye every date went great we always did fun stuff, like played pool and afterward he even asked me to go to watch amovie with him, which we did and he even talked a lot during the movie and sometimes looked over to me, but I never dared to look back.. I'm sometimes still shy around him.. which I'm usually never arond guys. I still can't be myself around him zhich is f***ing annoying. anyway ye it was going well until he once came over and we sent the day walking and stuff and when he left , he said he d love to repeat that again and that he enjoyed the day . And the next day I was in a bad ,ood and posted a status which kinda showed how I was feeling. He directly wrote me and asked what was wrong. and after that we hadn't seen each other after 3 weeks. last Friday he asked me another date while we were texting for 2 days in a row. he texted me first and I had texted him before first too getting an immediate reply. He wrote ``i would love to do something with you on Saturday! and so we did and we went to play pool, was loads of fun talked a lot , he complimented me again, by saying my profile pic on fb would really pretty, and on the bus he said he d really like the smell of my perfume, and this timme when I had to get out, he kinda looked deeply into my eyes , I got nervous and he was like : I had a very nice afternoon with you I really enjoyed it;; and he gave me a slow kiss on te cheek to say bye, fellt weird but I liked it. anyway he teted me that evening again saying thank you again for the nice afternoon and that he d really enjoyed it. SO I don't know is he interested like I am? or not? and if I should ask him out more often every once in a while?


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  • He sounds interested in you - so let him know, text him before he texts you saying you had a great time, propose a date, ask him out - he'll appreciate that, he's pursuing you (in the good way), let him romance you, enjoy it and relax, he's definitely into you.


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