How do you date an emotionally unavailable person in a relationship?

Suppose your best friend is dating someone who is someone who isn't too open about their feelings/emotions. They say I love you and other things, but refuse to open up and show any form of sensitivity. They are book smart, but lack in social skills or conversational situations.

What would you tell them for advice, and what would you do in their shoes.

  • Being patient and waiting for them to open up.
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  • Not my problem, I would leave.
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  • I wouldn't know what to do/ want see the results.
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  • In short, you don't.

    One exception: You might need to give them a bit more time. If after getting to know someone for several months and they never reciprocate feelings or emotions, or are overly guarded, it is time to pull the plug.

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    • You're welcome. Anything less than both partners making deposits in the machine, you either have a rocky relationship or one that is about to break up.

    • thanks for ba.

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What Girls Said 4

  • I'd probably try to find ways to get them to open up to me like conversation just the two of us. But if that doesn't work then I'd leave it be. You can't make someone open up if they don't want to.

  • I personally would leave. I wouldn't be able to handle that type of situation because if I am in a relationship with someone I would need them to be open with me about their feelings and express their love for me realistically and not acting like they are hiding something.

  • Id have one or 2 convos with them about it. If nothing improves ,I leave

  • I've been in that situation tried everything to try and get him to open up. In the end he wasn't man enough to. We went our separate ways. I've never looked back.


What Guys Said 2

  • Watch the bachelor TV show for tips.

    Closed lips can mean simple things like a) still can't turn loose of old flame, b) what I lust for is social unacceptible, I won't be shunned again

    ... but this can also be serious stuff, e.g. rape denial, abuse shame, labeled the villiage idiot (perhaps for declaing the world is round)

    BA Already? That was fast ...

  • For me you wait, give it some time, help her along :D. It worked out for me lol. Like bro I'm the post under you and it is just me raving about how happy I am with our relationship. If you really like her, then she is worth the wait. :)

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