What's an "ideal" first date? Or some good ones?

Girls: If you were going to be asked out, where would you want to go or what would you want to do? Or just what are some good first dates? And finally, what's a good way to ask someone or be asked? Thanks again!

If possible include a rough age. I'm 17 BTW.


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  • In terms of asking, it's nice to be straight up about it. You can "set the atmosphere" however by, before asking, flirt and give compliments.

    Good first date... hmm...

    Well there's the classic dinner and a movie.

    But we both know you can do better than that.

    You should do something that's engaging and fun that still allows you lots of communication for a first date.

    Some ideas:


    -Mini-golf/laser tag

    -Theme park (It's winter where I live but maybe it isn't where you live)

    ...Basically anything that falls under that list of "fun activities" in terms of places to go available in your area.

    If you live in a colder climate like me you could go skating.

    Simply put, do something FUN.

    But then continue the date by going for coffee/dessert/ice cream or whatever it may be. So you can wind down and enjoy each others' company while reminiscing about all the fun you just had :)

    Good luck and have fun!

    • Yeah I live just outside of Chicago so winter is kind of rough for walks and things like that! But bowling sounds fun! Does it matter that I'm absolutely trash at bowling? Hahaha!

    • Totally not, as long as you can laugh at yourself she won't think of you as a crummy bowler :) Plus she's probably not that great either.

      I have family living there! There's a lot to do in Chicago even if you'd rather do something else.

    • Thanks! I make no claims to be good, and expect the worst in terms of bowling so I'll keep that in mind!

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  • I say to the movies and then out to eat (doesn't have to be a expensive place). Or a amusment park. =) You could ask the girl "hey' what are you doing this weekend, I would really like to go out with you?' Good Luck! =)

    • I heard a lot of people say that's not enough interaction for a first date. Any thoughts? And like a "hey wanna hang out sometime"? Is that good?

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    • Thanks a lot!

    • ur welcome, no problem. =)

  • My ideal first date would be...

    1. charming

    2. fun

    3. memorable

    Don't overthink asking someone out, just go for it! it's not difficult :) you just have to be confident. "Lets go ____ ! :D" "There's ______! We should check it out!"

    btw, why is it that you are asking a question banning anonymous users yet you are hiding behind annonymous? So annoyingly hypocritical.

    • I'd go un-anonymous if it really bothers you. I always block anons because their answers are usually unrelated, inconsequential or just immature. And thanks for the advice!

    • thanks lol I see why you do it. I asked a question the other day and I had a few anon people give pointless answers so I see why you'd block them

  • I like a meal and then a walk. I know in this weather a walk probably isn't that great of an idea though so maybe dinner and then head to a nearby cafe that has a nice fireplace that the two of you can hang out for an hour or two. Just please not a movie (you can't really talk since both of you are just staring at a screen) or a bar (too noisy to get to know each other).

  • I love to be active and communicate so an active1st date would be perfect for me.


    A movie, dinner (doesn't have to be expensive), walk after and talk.


    If you know this person pretty well ask if they have plans and see if they are really interested not pressured. Be casual and cool about it not rushed or iffy about it. The more comfort the better the date and more you guys will enjoy it. (:

    Good luck (:


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