Does he want to talk to me or not?

Ive been texting this guy. At first it was pretty much off and on every day and until late at night. He was always joking and being flirty. We have met in person about 3 times now. And for the past week or so I have been the one to text him at night. The conversations Haven't been that long now and pretty much he just has short answers. But he always every morning text me goodmorning "(beautiful, sexy, princess, etc.)" Always something sweet. And I text back. I Haven't been texting that much during the day Because I don't want to seem clingy and needy. And Because at night he seems like he doesn't want to talk to me. But then during the afternoon he text something like "being busy?, You must be busy?" Because I don't text. I don't know his he playing mind games. And why is he acting like he doesn't want to talk to me and then seems to be upset when I dont, Please help!


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  • I'm giving you advice from guy perspective. and my own. One never make yourself too available for anyone. Two if the feeling is mutual hell text you even if he knows your busy and would respect the fact that your busy. Also I have been in a mind playing relationship it gets very tiring and could be hurtful as or liking someone isn't a game. Text him only when you know he's treating you fairly and also if he respects you being busy and appreciates when you look for him as well balance is key. Also don't text right away make yourself a bit unreachable even if your not doing anything...that is what a lot of guys have told me to do. if your not dating and its a bad start more likely a bad end...