Take it with a grain of salt if her best friend is warning me to stay away from this girl?

I've been hanging out/loosely dating this girl Katie for the last month. We'd been friends for a while, things had kind of started but she left overseas for several months. Since she's come back though we've been seeing each other several times a week for several hours at a time.

Things went from talking to walking arm in arm, to holding hands, she finally let me buy her a dinner or two, to kissing, to me staying at her place and cuddling while we slept. Except then we had a talk this last weekend. Someone brought up how we felt about each other and I told her I liked her but I wasn't sure I had time to date ANYONE with graduation coming up... but I really liked spending time with her and didn't want to only be friends. She told me she felt the same, she liked me and liked spending time with me too.

I warned her then nothing more than what had happened was going to while we were only friends and she said she felt the same. She then asked me to make sure we WERE still just friends and I said 'for right now yes, it could still go several different ways though'. This is where her best friend Sarah stepped in.

She'd asked how our talk went and I gave my perspective. She told me Katie had told her that the talk had well as well and I understood nothing more was happening. According to Sarah Katie doesn't want to be more than friends, she just wants meaningless sex, and by asking if we were still just friends she really meant 'and it's going to stay that way right?'.

Sarah admitted Katie really liked me as a friend and was definitely attracted to me, she's just really bad at communicating anything. She tells guys to grow balls all the time but can't seem to do the same when it comes to being straight with guys.

How much should I read into what she said? Time to have another talk with Katie?


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  • Ya sounds like you need to have a talk with katie because from what you wrote its sounds kind of like there is some miscommunication going on between you and her. Just talk to her and ask her does she have feelings for you or does she really just want to stay friends. Then let her hear your side of the story and maybe that should clear all the miscommunication up. Good Luck! =)

    • Yea I don't honestly understand it. This girl had come to my place in the first place to APOLOGIZE for being flirty with another guy last weekend, an ex came across her blackout drunk and she'd kissed him but nothing else happened, Sarah had pulled her away and she passed out at her place.

    • ya sounds like she got a lot going on. I say just talk to her and see if she's for you. :)

  • I would consider what Katie said but test out Sarah to see if what she said was true. Ask her how she feels about having sex or get a friend to hit on her Sarah to see how Sarah will react.


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