Guys, how would you react to a love letter?

Every year my school does candygrams for Valentine's day where students can send notes and candy to each other in class. I kind of want to send one to this guy I've liked since the seventh grade (I'm a senior this year) who transferred to my school this year. In this letter I would kind of touch on why I liked him and some of my favorite memories of some fun times we have had together. In middle school we used to always hang out at recess and got along really well, but sometimes when I see him now he acts a bit distant... Furthermore, my high school is quite large, and I haven't really had the chance to talk to him since around Thanksgiving when we had a brief, casual, and slightly awkward conversation. Also he told one of my better friends that he thought I liked him (which I do), so it seems like he might know. At the end of this letter I was hoping to ask him out on a "lunch date" (open campus) to a popular sandwhich restaurant maybe? I would like to know the extent to which such a letter may 1.Increase/decrease my chances of getting such a date with him

2.Cause me to appear desperate and clingy

3. make me seem dumb and overly emotional (I mean its been like 5 years, only seeing him like 2-3 times a year, seriously...)

4. because him to tell everybody he knows and make me become the laughing stock of the entire class.

5. make him happy/flattered/terrified/stalked/creeped out/ want to avoid me.

I really really like him, or at least like him as I remember him, and I am worried that if I don't find closure through acceptance or rejection, I will never be able to move on with my life, and I feel as though other relationships I have had have been unfulfilling comparisons to the way he made me feel back in eighth grade when we weren't even together. Need to get over it one way or another. Would love your advice, thanks!


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  • I personally love it, but I'm also a romantic

    Just keep it simple, tell him you liked him for a while now (don't overdue it with all the details save it for the date). Its more meaningful when it comes from the person's mouth, plus I love seeing the emotions in a girls eyes when she says sweet things to me. Anyone feels good when someone tells them they like them, so if its simple, he can't be creeped out.

    When you say, he told your friend he thinks you like him, did he give any clues to how he felt about you? he might've mentioned that to try to see if he could pick up anything from your friend.

    If you take anything from this, just go for it. Either way, you're gonna come out alive. If you're gonna get you're heart broken, I'd rather it be quick then dragged out through regret.

  • first of all I think it's nice that you care so much about this guy and are willing to take the initiative like that. secondly each dude is different so there's no way to know for sure what he will think of a letter like that.. but just explain your feelings and why you have those feelings and let him know that if he isn't interested in a relationship with you that it's OK and you understand so he won't feel bad/guilty for turning you down if he doesn't like you that way.

    just keep the letter light and don't overdo it with lovey dovey type stuff and you shouldn't be in any danger of coming off as clingy desperate. also you probably shouldn't make the letter too long. keep it brief.

    hope this helps =]


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