Guys: What should I do? I like a guy who doesn't do relationships?

You know the drill, I like a guy, but (yes of course there is a but) according to his best mate, he isn't the type to fancy a girl, he simply just doesn't do relationships, which is rather unfortunate for moi over here.

Should I just forget my feelings or is there something I might be able to do, to, I don't know? Convert him? Show him that being in a relationship is a good thing?


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  • All guys "do" relationships if it's with the right girl.

    So either his "friend" fancies you himself and is trying to block you, or the guy you fancy is a horrible douche where it comes to women, and his friend is just trying to spare you.

    I'd tell you to try going after this guy, but be careful.


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  • Am I right in assuming that 'doesn't do relationships' is code for 'hooks up with random girls and enjoys banging as many different girls as possible'?

    • He's not a player, he's more the inexperienced type when it comes to girls. I've been told he still beholds his V card, but has got with a few girls at parties and things.

    • So what basis does his friend have for 'doesn't do relationships'. Sounds more like 'hasn't done relationships'.

      Anyway, flirt with him, show him you're interested, but drop hints you're looking for a boyfriend not (just) a hookup.

  • if he is really impressed by u...then there is a chance that he'll think about you seriously...u gt a tought job but don't give up easily...

  • He's maybe shy and and may be scared of saying yes or no or even ask. That's how I am :T

  • You can try to convert him if your really willing to be in relationship with this guy.


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