How come she gets to hang out with my friends after she cheated on me?

I was seeing this girl that ditched me on my birthday to sleep with another guy. Everyone was pissed at her and I kicked her to the curb as one would. I don't understand why now I have to spend my weekends at home while she gets to go to concerts, comedy clubs and anything else with my friends. I guess I know now who my real friends are. This kind of thing isn't the first time this has happened. I guess next time I should cheat on her. Then I'll get to have people to hang out with later.


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  • i wouldn't reccommend cheating on the next girl...this next girl will have nothing to do with the way the last one treated you and it's not fair to do that to someone. my ex made me pay for all the shitty things his ex did to him, and it left me in a lot of tears and a lot of heartbreak. why don't you go out to places too? who cares if she's around? make a statement that you don't care anymore. be civil to her. act like she doesn't matter, and she's not going to shape your life. I'm not sure if you still have feelings for her, but the #1 way, at least for me, to get at someone is to act like they don't matter.

    • I ignore a lot of crap she says and does to me. When I'm out and she's with all my old friends and she points and they all laugh. I just walk away. I don't say a word. I've never been rude to her or said anything about her that wasn't true or did I say anything about her behind her back to my friends.

      If I try to go sit down with them they all get up and leave or they won't really talk to me that much.

    • Wow. This sounds a lot like high school. Your friends need to grow up. Wait a minute, did I say friends? They were just pretends from the get go. You are better off without them although it may not feel like it now. Just stay strong.

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  • It's better to have no friends than fake friends.

    I know how you feel!

    • I wouldn't care if I didn't live in a small town and could make new friends.

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  • I can truly understand you being p*ssed but don't lower yourself to her level. You're friends that hang out with her are trash and you shouldn't bother with them anymore after they betrayed you like this. When my little brother got cheated on I hated the girl and never gave her another chance even now that they're back together, it may not be practical but its loyalty.

    When you first meet a girl you're interested in you'll know if she's capable of cheating or not, if she is don't date her.