Likes me, but doesn't feel like doing anything about it? What do I do?

The guy I like, likes me, but he doesn't feel like doing anything about it. Should I just give up? Does that mean he's just putting me on the side for the other girls in his life...?


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  • He probably doesn't know how to make a move an is hoping you would make it.

    • ohhh... really? wow. why haha. I was always told not to chase guys. isn't that exactly what I'd be doing?

    • Dont be a goddamn idiot and listen to the person who told you that. If you refuse to chase after what you want your going to come out settling for less. Basically the nothing ventured Nothing gained concept.

    • oh. lol. I thought that boys thought it was bad when girls went after them... I mean, like the way that a guy acts when he likes a girl/brings her flowers, chocolates, w/e in hopes that she'll turn around and realize he likes her and she finally likes him back. that's what I meant by chasing boys ha.

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