No text for 4 days.. Is he just not that into me?

I'm really confused and stressed out and I REALLY need your help guys (and girls I guess). I've been texting this guy for about 3 weeks. We went on one date and after that date he asked me on another date as soon as I walked into the house that same night. We've been texting and he would tell me that he wants me to stay around, he couldn't wait for our next date, he would made plans. Then one day he sent me a one word response so I told him if he doesn't want to talk to me right now he should just tell me. And he said That he really likes talking to me and doesn't want to stop, but he's just busy at the moment. I said that I understand. After that... No response! Not one text. For 4 days! FOUR! I don't understand.. Has he lost interest, someone PLEASE tell me!


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  • He proably is busy..I'm pretty sure he'll text you the mean time don't worry about it so much


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