<y fiance passed away, we had a daughter together. I'm a single father, and I asked my fiance's best friend out?

I asked her out about ten months after her death..she helps me a lot with my little girl..and she's so amazing with her..when I asked her out she smiled at me and said..."really?well we do get along well"..I was relieved..ugh I had a tennis Shoe in my throat..and I feel that way every time I'm around her..I really like her..but then she said"I think its too soon..and me being the genius I am...Not..I said its cool if you wanna think about it..I didn't get any answer on how she felt..she's like reading Chinese..and I don't speak it..but she was all smiles during this convo..so I let it go for a while..and just would throw things in like how hot she is..and how I like being around her..and the one time I said !hey did you think about what we talked about..she said"what"I told you that I thought it would feel funny.."oh by the way she never said that..

she keeps saying I'm different when I'm dating..and she also said she wouldn't want to ruin the friendship..and that she doesn't date guys she cares about..so I tried one last time after seeing her I told her she meant a lot to me and that I realize she may feel awkward..and be a bit of a bitch and can be a hard ass but I really just want her to be happy..but that I would like to be the man in her life that contributes to her happiness..and asked her out for Valentine's but have gotten absolutely no response..just one more thing..is what I'm seeing..and feeling when I look in her eyes for real?or am I just kidding myself


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  • Well as much as your daughter plays a huge role in it, think of yourself too..do you want to potentionally marry this girl?

    • yes in fact I Can see her clearly in our future..I jus don't wanna sound like an idiot..but I would love to hold her hand..and want her to want to hold mine..as cheesy as that sounds..I want the best for her..but of course I want her to be with me..I like to say I accept whatever happens..and I think for the most part I do..but I don't know how she feels..if she feels anything I don't want to waste my time..or get caught up in thinking she might like me but jus doesn't.

    • clearly you need to sit down and talk to her about this...it seems as if she may like you but is afraid because you were with her best friend... it brings memories..

  • I am very sorry for your loss =[

    But how could you possibly be so interested in someone after the girl whom you loved just left nearly 10 months ago? do you love this new girl

    • its been over a year and a half now..I asked myself the same thing..do I love her..that word is not to be used lightly..I know I feel something..and I believe it has a lot to do with my little girl..and how she treats her..like her own so I know that contributes..to answer your question..I feel like I kinda jus know..well at least for now cause if she don't like me I gotta let it pass

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