Dating someone who has a different lifestyle?

Would you ever get together with someone who doesn't live life similar to the way you do? Even if you guys got along great and had amazing chemistry?

For example: You don't do drugs(tried it and it wasn't your style), only drink occasionally, and party with close friends rather than a bunch of strangers. While he smokes cigarettes regularly, parties, drugs, etc.

How would that effect you if you were really digging them, and they were digging you. Would you go for it, or would it eventually Because way too much conflict in the relationship?


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  • ride the wave for as long as you can or want to..but just keep in mind that there are only a very limited set of outcomes, depending on whether things remain at the status quo, or a a couple of other scenarios:

    status quo- its prob fun and exciting right now, going to parties, staying out late, flirting with the danger of getting busted, etc...however- because of your constant exposure to these kinds of behaviors, you are running the risk of using just because everyone else is, and getting dependent on them, just like everyone else is...and getting busted=possible jail time=criminal any rate, eventually you are going to get tired of it, could be sooner, could be later, but at that moment, you are going to realize how much time you have wasted getting wasted. and you will see how irresponsible behavior has not educated you in how to live a responsible life so you can get a good job, live in a nice neighborhood, drive a nice car, land a husband that provides for you and your family and sail off into the sunset together...

    the tricky part is knowing when the party (for you) is over and it's time to clean up the mess in the living room and get back to work.


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  • With what you mentioned as a different lifestyle, no I wouldn't. Chemistry doesn't really mean much if there's a whole load of problems along with it.

  • I would but it takes compromise. If neither party in the relationship is willing to compromise, then mistrust will occur and the relationship will fade.

    • compromise from both ends or from the end that is way into drugs and parties? Or do you think that the person that isn't so into those things should occasionally go out and try them with their partner.

  • Been there. Done that.

    Chemistry can fade like DVD covers in the front windows of Blockbuster. But the pain of a bad relationship can't be un-lived.

    • haha nice saying! Who said the relationship has to be bad though? What if both parties compromise to each others' lifestyle like the guy below said.

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    • It's possible, but not necessarily true. Do you think someone who has partied all their life will get bored of that eventually? What if they met the one person that made them actually want to start their life. A real life, not that crappy go out every night and get sh*t faced life. You still think they would have resentment about stopping the "fun" and becoming a healthier, better person?

    • In that case, sure. As long as it was the new life that they craved and, again, not just the person they were smitten with.

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  • Almost always have.

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