Rejection or waiting for my approval?

he thought I'm playing games. He says he wants to know what I want and he has ideas but he wants to hear it from me. We can't be together and then since I wasn't being direct he said he is very attracted to me but he doesn't want to hurt me and he cares for me.

he said he isn't acting on what he wants because he likes me.

Does this mean I have no shot or is he just saying that because I won't admit what I want?


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  • He's telling you he'll screw you but he's not having a relationship with you. He respects you enough not to treat you like a slut but if your OK with that, he will so if you will. TELL HIM.

  • It's because you won't admit what you want. You're acting like a child.

    • So if I do admit it he'll proceed

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    • Not dishonest, indirect. And that was only once

    • Call it whatever you want...

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