Is this a good or bad idea (too manipulative)?

So I like my guy friend, and my friend thinks he likes me back (she doesn't know I like him).

I found out from her and another girl today that another guy wanted to ask me to prom (she convinced him not to) but I didn't really want to go with him.

I'm wondering if I should text the guy I like if the other guy talked to him about asking me to prom to put prom on his radar/make it known that someone else wanted to ask me.

The two guys are friends, so it would be a reasonable question to ask.

Do you think it seems too manipulative? All I want to say is like "Question, did ____ talk to you about him wanting to ask me to prom?"


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What Guys Said 1

  • Lol, that's a quick red flag for me, because my response would be,

    "Yes/No, ___ did/didn't... Why?"

    My curiosity would rise because it seems like a slightly unusual question. To me anyways.

    • What if I responded something like "I was just wondering because apparently he talked to __some of his other friends__ about it as well"

What Girls Said 1

  • Good idea, I would have done the same ;)