How to get out of "Online" relationships!?

I'll be honest: I text and Facebook chat a lot. And usually when I do, it's with guys and I try to flirt. There's a couple guys I'm interested in right now, and the guy I'm most interested in is an older kind of sporty guy at my school. I hear from a mutual friend that he thinks I'm cute which makes me incredibly happy, but here's the problem:

I never see him during the day!

If I do, It's only briefly in the hallway and we just smile and say hi, and maybe jokingly try to trip each other or something.

How do I get closer to him in person? I feel kind of stuck in this cyber-based friendship with him and it sucks! Also, since he's older and we really don't have any friends in common, how do I get him alone to hang out and talk?

Any advice would be awesome! :)


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  • Invite him somewhere. It doesn't have to be any more complicated than saying, "I'm free tomorrow after 4:00; want to hang out for a few?"

    Simply find out when he's got some free time - it doesn't need to be much to start out with, especially if you haven't really gotten a chance to interact in person - and extend an invitation. It might seem a little intimidating to you, but he'll likely appreciate that you've taken initiative.

    If all goes well there, it opens the door to hang out together more often.

    Good luck!