I currently like two people, help?

I'm currently in a relationship of 14 months. At a point we were planning on moving in together. Lately I just haven't been feeling our relationship. He's still in high school (he's 17 while I'm 19) and it kind of drives me nuts about him having to ask permission to get the car, and all that generic stuff from that age. Plus I've been thinking I have no time for a relationship.

Now comes Darren, I took a math class with him last semester. We hung out on campus some, but beyond that nothing. Well I saw him today for the first time in a while, and the attraction just hit! I guess he felt it too Because he asked me on a date (turned down of course).

The question here is, do I try to work it out with my boyfriend (this thing has happened before, we have broken up once before on something unrelated) or go with Darren?


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  • I think it depends on how much you value the relationship you are in right now. Imagine your life if you really leave him and decide if Darren has more to offer. Do whatever will make you happier, just think about it thoroughly before hand so you don't realize what you had after you lost it.