Too early? Please as many responses as possible b4 Valentine's day!!

So obviously everyone knows Valentine's day is coming up and people are getting together. Well recently a guy at my school messae me over a website saying tht he liked me. We've been talking for about a week now (thru messages still Because I hardly evr see him at school) and our school has started up th rose sales fundraiser so I decided to get him a rose tht will be delivered Valentine's day. I was confident about it then but I'm freaking out now! I mean was a moving too fast by sending him tht? Shud I take it back b4 it's too late or shud I let it get sent and rely on th chance tht he'lll think it's cute and not be so shy around me? Please as many responses as possible b4 Valentine's day!


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  • I say let it be sent, don't call it off, and he'll react however he reacts.


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