Text all the time but no more dates talked about..

We've only had the chance to hangout a couple of times in the last month and a half, and even though he's not making any suggestions to hangout again, he stills texts me all the time, we talk every day. Is he waiting for me to make plans? Because the 2 times I did they didn't go through. What do you guys think? He's a very shy guy if that changes anything


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  • Im shy but if I like a girl I go for it because I've realized if you don't risk it your always going to wonder what could have happened. There are a few possible answers. He could like you as a friend and nothing more, he could be waiting for you to make the move, if you haven't expressed how either of you feel he might be afraid of rejection (I.e. you don't like him like that), he could be busy and unable to make plans but still wants to talk to you so he texts.

    If he texts you first every day, says good morning, seems to be happy, tries to make conversation, asks how you are, etc if he is engaging in conversation with you its likely that he likes you simply because most guys won't do this with just a friend.

    Id suggest just asking him how he feels if your comfortable with it, ask him how he feels about hanging out sometime, if he would like to or not.

    As I said earlier if you don't risk it you'll never know so take it into your own hands and keep trying :)


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  • He might be:

    A) Putting you in the friend zone.


    B) Trying to slowly break it off.


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