How would you answer a text from a girl you don't like?

I text a guy thanks for the evening after we had a long and insightful conversation at a party and he signed off his reply with "talk soon" I'm just wondering if you'd say "talk soon" to a girl you had no interest in talking to again. Would you just not reply to her message or how would you reply if you didn't want anything to do with her further?


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  • If I was interested I would have said I had a really good time. I think if you liked him you probably should have included that in your text as well. If you said specifically "thanks for the evening" and nothing more he might think you were just being polite and aren't interested in him.

    Also, smiley faces go a long way when texting because they give emotion to the text.

  • Talk soon would mean talk soon.

    If I wasn't going to necessarily talk to her again, I'd say something like "Take it easy" or "Take care"

    Something non-committal.


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