What prom dress would suit me? Please answer! :D


~Have a pale complexion

~Dark brown long hair

~ Dark brown eyes

~I am very tall

~I have long legs

~I have a medium bust, but a lot of clothes can make my bust look small, whereas I would like a prom dress what makes them look big without being super revealing

I have absolutely no idea what kinds of dresses suit people and whether they should be short or long, what color they should be or whatever. I'm going prom dress shopping tomorrow so any help for any of my questions would be well appreciated ^_^

Thanks! :D


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  • I'd say go for a color like Blue or Purple; they look good on a pale girl, and someone with dark hair/eyes.

    Seeing as you're tall, maybe go for an empire line dress? They're very elegant and look fabulous on a tall girl :)

    As mentioned, a push up bra can help you enhance your bust, without the need of showing off too much flesh. :)


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  • They suggest going by your natural skin tone first to choose a dress color. From then you can narrow it down by price, material, length, and style.

    link is for your skin tone

    link is a site for designer prom dresses

  • Wow...all the things to consider for one dress!

    • Haha I know it sounds stupid :P but I'm one of them girls who isn't known to look that nice in comparison with everyone else, so for just one day I'd love to look just as nice as everyone else ^_^

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  • Well I would say that you want a long dress but if you want your boobs to look better I would suggest a push up bra. I do suggest a blue color for you :) Go to

    peaches boutique they have nice dresses to look at and get an idea from