Where did you have your prom?

I was just wondering where people from all over had their prom? Was it in your HS, or a specific location?

I was just getting out a box of old photos and found my Junior year prom photo.. Still in it's original picture frame and it got me thinking to ask this kind of question... because at my high school, all of our dances were at the HS itself, but for winter formal and for prom it was at a specific location, and this location is a pretty big spot. So, I was just wondering if it's common for most schools to come up with a nice location or if it is done at the HS like all the other dances.

Cun7ninja: That's pretty cool!

My prom was at a museum of art called "The Century Center" which is connected to the current CFB hall of fame through an underground tunnel.

This is the outside at night (prom was on Friday at night for my school) link

And this was the inside, this isn't a prom photo but some other kind of formal event. link


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  • I wasn't planning on going to prom, because I dropped out sophomore year and got my GED like two weeks later. Some of my friends from my class talked me into going to what would have been my/our senior prom, and was only able to go [not being enrolled as a student anymore] because one of them bought me a ticket. Our prom was held at this huge aviation museum in my town, in a section roped off from the rest of the museum, though planes and other things were surrounding and looming over us in all directions, haha. So they just set everything up in the biggest open space in the museum. It ended up being pretty cool.

    They had us set up in the bigger main building, though the complex has been expanded quite a bit since this picture was taken: link

    • @update, that looks really cool! Our setup inside was really similar to your inside picture, except with airplanes and jets all over the place, haha, I wish I could find a picture of it. Museums are great.

    • Haha, at prom, the setup wasn't exactly the same. The checkered dance floor at the top of the picture was right in front of that long table by the windows.. We did have those lights hang down since our prom theme was midnight city lights. When it got dark outside it looked pretty awesome... My date was a total bust but at least I had a nice venue hahah.

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  • Junior prom was at Universal City walk, Senior prom was at some expensive country club. Junior prom had a better place because it was bigger.

  • At a hotel. I don't remember it being all swanky. lol(of course,this was the 80's).

  • At the Hilton hotel


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