I think the guy I'm dating is nervous, how do I change that?

so this guy I'm with seems very hesitant to do anything with me and I don't know why. how do I ask him about it or change it?

by do anything I mean anything sexual, sorry if that wasn't clear


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  • If you mean sexual things (making out, touching, sex, etc.), your best bet with a timid guy is to initiate things yourself until he gets more comfortable with it. If he doesn't respond enthusiastically, then talk to him and ask him if there's something about it that he's uncomfortable with. He might just be inexperienced, or he could want to wait until you're together longer.

    • not a bad idea thanks

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    • D'aw. You should seriously tell him that.

      My girlfriend felt the same way you do sometimes. TMI here but every time we were about to have sex for the very first time, I'd get so nervous that my boner would just be GONE right before it happened. And she was afraid that I was turned off, which sucked. It took a lot of effort from both of us to help me get over my anxiety and to help her remember that it's not her, it's me. We're great now :)

    • i do feel like its me sometimes but I'm glad to hear that you guys were able to work though it and are good now because that gives me hope. I will tell him for sure and I will also try to help him work though his nervousness because I don't want him to feel that way.

  • Slip some ecstasy in his drink.


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