Should I try to move on again?

I have known this guy for about three years now and me and him have been through so much. I was stupid and didn't know who he really is. Me and him were f*** buddies for a while until I grew feelings for him. I couldn't help it but tell him, so I did and all he did was ignore it. So I ignored my feelings for him also.

I started dating other guys because he stopped talking to me completely for about six months. And so after me and this guy broke him, he started texting me out of the blue. So we talked again and we were just close friends. So I told him how I felt again and he told me he doesn't like me like that.

It's been months after he had told me that and after I moved in with my best friend to go to school, he came over and we walked around downtown and he completely acted like we were dating so I was confused. I decided to ask him why he was acting like that, and he just told me he likes me too and that he lied to me before because he doesn't want to lose me and he can't just be friends with me.

So after a few days everything was going well, but I just didn't get why he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend so once again I went for the leap and I asked him what was up and if he still likes me like he said he did. He told me he doesn't know if he wants to be with me and that he doesn't know when he will.

He keeps saying one thing and does another. It's been three years now of him playing with my feelings and sending me mixed messages. So what do I do? It's so hard to forget about him and I know in my heart I have to move on, but apart of me can't.


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  • Not gonna lie but this sounds very strangely like what's happening in my life right now. But I'm the guy who is blowing the girl off. I do like her but I will never actually ask her out. She just really isn't completely what I'm looking for. Its great to hangout with her have sex and what not but She just isn't for me. I'm being Honest on here cause no one knows who I actually am. I get what I want from her whenever I want it and it sounds like the guy your talking about does to. I know just what to say and when to say it to keep her just hanging on. I've made her wait on me getting done hanging out with some other girl who I'm actually interested in or just banging just to hang out with her and bang her too. I am an a**hole but she is stupid for not realizing any of it so am I so wrong?

    The moral of this is I'm just like that guy your talking about and he will never ask you out and if he ever so happens to then he will just be cheating on you. Move on sweetie and remove him from your life. He is only going to ruin future relationships and maybe already has ruined one or two. He only says the things he does to keep you around for when he wants you. That is all he will ever do. I mean if he asks you out and your happy enough to say yes then good for you but honestly you'll always be wondering if he's cheating, If he's where he actually says he is, and why he won't answer your texts/calls when he is just at "home" or just hanging out with the "guys". He is bad news for you hunny and you need to remove him from your life. Being friends and all. Delete every way of being able to contact him cause that's the only way your truly gonna move on.

    Please take this serious cause I'm honestly doing the same thing to a girl I know. I know its not right expecially since I took her virginity. But it makes her happy knowing the little things I tell her whether they are lies or the truth. Mostly lies.

    You gotta move on and find someone who can truly make you happy. You may have already found him but f***ed it up for this guy. Don't wait around for anyone. True love never needs convincing. If you have someone you love and loves you or even has been an ex and you can see some future with them Go for it and stop hurting yourself. Only you can make yourself completely happy with the choices you make


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  • move on and next time he tries to pull you back to him, tell him to get lost.

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