2 guys, who do I choose?

so I have two guys to choose from and I really can't pick who to choose. or should I even choose

1st guy: I've known him a while but we Haven't really talked until this year. he's smart and funny, but in person he is a complete bore he's only interesting when we are texting or chatting online. I mean we have hung out and that was fun but it always seems like he never has anytime for me, even when we make plans he always has to cancel on me. like even a day that was just supposed to be about me and him and all he could talk about was his friends and football or if his football friends could see us . I even kissed him and after that he still wouldn't stop talking about football.

2nd guy: he's a year older and he's really funny and adorable and really fun to be around. he's kinda a flirt and we kinda make out every once and a while. kinda like a friends with benefits thing but I don't really know where it could be going I like how he cares about me and my needs and its completely opposite of the 1st guy Because all we do is talk in person, we don't really text, but we can talk about pretty much anything for hours.

and another thing they are both on varsity football and they know about each other and they really don't like each other :/


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  • what do you mean choose? have they both asked you out? or who you're gonna pursue?

    • they have both asked me out and they are waiting for an answer

    • #2 then

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  • i would say 2. boring guys that you can't really open up to aren't any fun.

  • Two time them.

    • that won't really work... especially at school because we all kinda hang around the same people

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  • guy 2