What should I do about this guy? or should he do something first?

OK this is what happen me and this guy were texting all night about how it would feel like if he went partying with me and he said I think it would be so fun if us too were drunk together and I texted him saying ha ha yea probably and I was waiting for his text back for 25mins or so and then he texted saying I guess that's a no so bye... and I'm like in my head like what? so I checked my phone and I realized that my message failed to send so I told him that and he goes like oh OK so what did you mean to send? and I said ..yea probably...and he goes like yea probably what? and I'm like to what were talking about and he goes like I send you 5 text messages and I'm like are you serious? well I didn't get them and he goes like this is really annoying I don't wanna talk to you all night, if you wanna hang out than fine, if not that I'll ttyl bye ...and I thought that was so rude to say like wow so I'm like wow OK bye. ugh he is so annoying and then he text back 5min later saying sorry didn't mean to sound rude OK bye and I didn't answer him and now I'm like not texting him and he is not texting me either but the problem is that we go to the same college and we usually see each other and talk before our class starts but now I don't want to see him so I'm trying to avoid him...

so that's the situation...should I just text him and forget this ever happen? I know he won't text me but I want to talk to him and I'm friends with his whole family so I go to his house sometimes and when I go I don't want it to be awkward...so what should I do? or should I just wait until he says something to me?


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  • ditch him

    • why

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    • hmm your rite, like he shouldn't be mad because that's like so stupid so thanks!

    • anytime madam

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