Started seeing someone - does that make him my Valentine?

So I just started seeing this guy a week ago and we aren't in the relationship zone yet and Valentine's day is four days away. Would he be considered my valentine or should I ask him to be my valentine?!?!? Please help I'm new to this whole valentine thing! Also if you have any other advice that might help please reply! Thanks! :)


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  • if you don't get him something for valentines... its gonna be a Huge kick in the nutz to him!


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  • If you've only been seeieng each other for a week, that doesn't make him your Valentine.

    For all you know, he's 'seeing' 5 other girls at the same time...

    If he doesn't ask you out on Valentine's Day, then he probably doesn't want to push things there yet... Usually Valentine's Day is only celebrated by people who are "officially in a relationship". I don't think you're there yet.

    Or you could always ask him!

    Answer mine?


    • okay and he isn't seeing other girls cause he has told me that he's only talking to me.