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Alright everybody, here's the story. Couple of days ago I went to a speed dating fundraiser, and I met some really interesting people. We had to mark yes or no for each girl we met and if they circled yes for you too, then you got their number in an email. I finally got my results and I had 9 matches. There were 2 girls I was very interested in. One was a very lively person and she was just fun to talk to and be around. Other one was quieter, she was more down to earth, but our conversation had more meaning I thought.

I want to have a real date with both of them (separately of course) so I can see which one I can connect with better but they're roommates. Any ideas on how I can make this work without looking like a giant douche? I don't want to date both of them, I just want to find the one that would be good with me.


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  • Just go on a date with both to see which one is more suited, if you don't think that'll work out try finding someone else's number you had gotten that you're interested in. They might not seem to be the best at first but you never know! Explore a little. :)


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