The guy I am dating still hasn't messaged me to confirm tonight's plans. Shall I make other plans?

I have been dating this guy since early December and things are going really well. We haven't seen each other for nearly two weeks but have excitedly been messaging each other about seeing each other tonight. He said he would arrange plans for tonight as we always take turn to surprise each other... it's 2 pm and he still hasn't messaged me? We always arrange time and place in advance so not liking that I have no idea if he is going to cancel or call me last minute and say when and where which I find so annoying when I date someone. I am wondering whether to make other plans or does that sound a bit childish?

Thanks, I left a voice mail about do we still have plans and then I recieved a messaged me telling me to meet at 8 and the evening is a surprise. Then later in the day text me to say he only just got my message several hours later after we spoke and agreed where to meet and the time *cringe*

The evening was amazing and made me think what an idiot I was for having a tantrum lol. good job he had no idea! made me think I can't control everything and just to chill out more. Thanks for you comments


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  • It's okay to have a back-up plan. You don't want to lose a weekend night because he failed to contact you. Don't get too upset with him if he does call you. Just calmly and politely ask him what happened and then let it go.


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  • I would give it a little bit more time. It's only 2pm, he might be busy getting stuff ready for your surprise!

    If he ends up cancelling, then make it clear to him that it upset you that he didn't tell you. Unless an emergency happened, I would let him know how it made you feel. Hopefully he contacts you soon!