How do I stop myself from being hurt in this situation?

this guy we agreed to go on a date some day this week and then last minute he tells me he's 'sick'.

i know he has hit a rough patch this week but I would have appreciated if he had told me he was 'sick' earlier before I had gone through the trouble of prepping myself and getting more than 100$ worth of dresses etc

could he not have had the decency to tell me earlier? and I know he isn't sick which is the worst reason because my friends saw him today and he wasn't.

why doesn't he have the balls to say what the real reason is so I'd have a shred of respect left for him?


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  • Over $100 worth of dresses? Damn. Well, I just want to say that sometimes sickness hits a person out of nowhere, Everything is great when you go to sleep, but you wake up feeling really sick out of nowhere. It happens. If he really is sick, then I think you should respect that, and let it go. It might not even be his fault that he got sick. Maybe caught a virus from someone by being at a crowded place or something, who knows? If this happens again, find a way to confirm that he really is sick (get him to prove it) to make sure that he is not making it up because he is freaking out, or doesn't want to go out.

    • i see him today :( and I really don't want him to waste my time if he isn't interested. I'm just wondering how I can bring it up? or rather how I can ask if he's still interested or not?

    • I think it's best if you figure that out because you know him, and I don't. Since I don't know him, I don't know how he will react to certain things you say to him. Good luck.

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