Would you ask a girl you've been talking to online, but just met in person to be your girlfriend on V-day?

Would any of you run into a relationship that quick for the sake of being romantic or is that just a girlish fantasy?

  • Never! Your head is the clouds, Woman!
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  • Sure I could do something that sappy if I really liked her.
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*V-da = Valentine's Day


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  • No. Doing that would have nothing to do with actual feelings for the girl it seems like it would only be done for the sake of having a girlfriend. So I don't see the logic in that. Rather be single than be with someone I don't have feelings for. Most of us can actually stand being by themselves if they don't have a reason to be in a relationship :)

    • but if you really liked her and had a really good time together and had great conversations online and had lots of shared interests. would it be possible to develop feelings that quickly?

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    • but you met and hung out and played video games and talking about fun stuff together all day.

    • You already know what I think and you know what you think. Why do you keep giving me new details?

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What Guys Said 2

  • I think there's a difference between asking them to be your date on Valentine's Day, and asking to be your girlfriend on Valentine's day.

    It's not likely I'd ask them to be my girlfriend, but if the circumstances were right then I could for being my date.

  • i wouldn't do it unless I knew I was going to be with that person for a long time.


What Girls Said 1

  • i think it's a girlish fantasy sorry to say