Why don't guys actually ask me out? o:

I find myself in the situation a lot where a guy & I like each other & we're both pretty open about it, & we start "talking" (talking like we're going to date) & they'll hang out with me & kiss me & stuff like that & we talk for weeks or months & then we just stop talking..without ever dating. What gives?

It's even gone so far with the guy I'm "talking" to now, that we say I love you & he get's jealous of other guys flirting with me.

btw I'm not clingy or anything either, I show as much affection as the guy shows.


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  • You have to establish some sense of direction with it.

    Otherwise, the guy in question will not likely go out of his way to establish commitment.

    Especially if you're seeing other guys at the time and he knows it?

    Hell no. Too risky on his part. He won't budge.

    You have to do things that suggest the direction that you want to go with it.

    You actually have more control over this than you think.

    But if you don't put yourself out there a bit more, the guy has no idea where to go with it.

    Even worse, if he doesn't know if you're shooting for a relationship, then it just becomes a purely sexual pursuit for him. So of course he'll dip out when it seems like his labour will bare no fruits.


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  • Ask him what's up with that and were is this thing going.

  • Maybe you should have sex with them...most guys don't want a girl who doesn't give a little...(not saying I'm like that..) jut my opinion


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