He says I text too much, but he still talks to me? lol I'm confused.

if he didn't want to talk would he just ignore me or say he doesn't want to talk?

he said he doesn't mind if I text him, but then he gets annoyed.

i like this guy by the way, but I'm confused about his feelings for me. ideas?

thanks guys!


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  • sure. I don't text my ex at all and I've still had strong feelings for her for years. of course texting too much can get tiring as for me, personally, I feel like constantly thinking of things to reply is a burden and I'm just too lazy to.


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  • STOP TXTING! I know so many girls who messed up their beginning relationship because of txting it is not even funny, txting is a big problem and I'm really sad that most girls don't see it as a problem. Guys don't want to see a freaking words and then reply with freaking words, Guys want to hear voices, don't you and ALL GIRLS who is reading this understand this. It is really pity you know.


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  • Maybe he genuinely doesn't like texting a lot - many people find it annoying just texting someone all the time just to chat and talking about nothing. Does he text you first, or are you always texting him?

    If he really likes you he would want to see you and would probably ask you out on a date! How long have you known each other? Does he flirt with you? Have you ever gone out?

    You could invite him out for a coffee or something - hanging out with someone in real life is so much better than texting each other! Plus, it gives you an opportunity to plan a time that works for both of you, so you don't have to worry about annoying each other when one of you is possibly busy, which is often the case with random texting!

    • no he texts me first sometimes.

      weve known each other for about 3 years but rekindled about 2 months ago.

      we are flirty lots and we do hangout. the problem is he says I'm his only friend whos a girl and he likes hanging out with guys better than girls

    • He doesn't seem like he's very serious about being anything other than friends with you then. Stay friends with hiim if you enjoy his company, but don't set your expectations too high with him and keep your options open if other guys come along.

  • Texting should be like a quick thing not like a conv. but I guess he does like or enjoy

    talking to you if he's still doing it

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