Should I wait for him to text/call or you should I call him ?

Ok so I've been dating this guy for 3 months I had to go to Italy to fix some paperwork. When the day I got here I call him from an Italian line then a week later I called him from my US phone and I told him I called and he said he didn't want to pick up because it was an international call and they would charge him a lot. I told him he could call to my US phone and text without a problem. Its been 5 days since I talked to him and no text or call. (My phone its working Because my friends call me all the time). I little tired of having to call or text him first. I really want to talk to him and share with how much I'm having here how nice it was to spend time with my family.Should I wait for him to call or should I make the first step and call/text him? (I really don't want to look needy or clingy)


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  • let him call you /if he ain't biting the line and eating the bait ..let the fish go

    he knows where you are and if he goes quiet on you cut him loose

    a man will move mountains to be with the girl he wants...sorry never wait for a man to treat you like this ..been there done that learned the hard way

    maybe he will come back ...meanwhile just say nothing and see what he does

    sometimes ignoring a man kills him and he comes running back

    good luck cheers S x


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