Dating for older couples?

So my mom recently got divorced from my father she's 48 and is starting to think about dating. She seems a bit nervous to try any online dating, but I was wondering if there was some other way I could help her instead of just sending her off to a bar and wishing her good luck? She doesn't have a lot of time, because she's often busy with work. How can I get her to find a good man to take her out on a date? Thanks!


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  • Church is probably a great way and also through friends. Volunteering is nice too. I get that she's busy so online dating probably is ideal for her. But it wouldn't hurt to take an hour or so out of her day on weekends and get out of the house and meet some more people while doing good things for the community

  • Online does work however there are bad with the good. I used eharmony and even tagged. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year remember that she needs to meet in a big place with people around and be careful. Good luck to her.