Wants me around... but is distant? (juicy! need advice!)

so my friend wants to hang all the time. however... when we do hang she is mostly talking to her other friend that comes with us more than me. they have been friends for a long time so I understand they are a lot closer then we are. However it seems that I talk more to her friend then I actually do her when we all hang out. which I don't really get at all. it makes it seem like she isn't really into me but she always invites me out. why is this? a little more history about us. when we first became friends she wanted to sleep with me. the flirting lasted a few months until I gave in and felt her up a little but that was it and since then she hasn't hit on me. but physically she she doesn't get to close to me.. my question is. why does she like me to be around her but in a way she keeps me at a distance?


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  • It seems that she just want to have the friendship with you but doesn't want to get too emotionally attached.


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