He hasn't tried to kiss me.. ?

This guy I'm dating (been talking more than a month) hasn't tried to kiss me yet..

but we talk every day and every night and in our texts he'll randomly give me text kisses (he'll spell them out and give me a lot)

but in person, he doesn't touch me.. maybe because we've only been on a couple of dates, but, the only time we touch is at the end of our dates when I go to hug him

or if I'm poking him

He's a cancer male. (zodiac) I know he's a little shy like me, but I think it's like two different people

he text kisses me but doesn't try in person? It's not a deal breaker for me but I'm just wondering... what the heck!


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  • A month isn't that long. Any given relationship only has so many firsts. Enjoy where you're at. You'll get to the kissing when it's time and not a moment sooner, but it would be so unfortunate if you didn't appreciate the other firsts because you were so concerned about what was to come.


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  • Astrology has nothing to do with it.

    Next time he "text kisses" you, ask when you'll get a real kiss.

  • he might need a push. grab a hold of him and just kiss him hard. Unless he is an idiot he will get the idea. just f-ing do it. If he is taking too long grab him by the hair and do it.

    • i don't wanna do the kissing first. I just cant. its not that big of a deal when he does it but it just makes me feel weird because he'll do it in a text but not in person. makes me feel like he doesn't like me.

    • some guys just need a little push. get so close he cannot miss the hint. Unless he really is an idiot. Then you need to post another question.

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  • how old is he? sounds like a typical virgin ...just show him the way or ask him if he wants to kiss you and see what happens he clearly likes you or wouldn't be dating you

    • 21 like me. and nah he's not a virgin.

    • then just grab him and show him what ya made of lol