I need some relationship advice. Did I make the right choice?

My ex and I had dated for a little over 4 years. For the first year it was perfect. But slowly it began to get worse. He started cussing me out, twisting my fingers, and breaking things. I put up with it for the next 3 years of our relationship. Just a week ago, I decided to end it. I couldn't deal with the pain anymore. He cried and told me he would change and to give him one las chance, but I just don't love him as much anymore. A close friend of mine treats me like a queen, and he wants to be with me. He treats a woman like she should be treated, should I go for it and slowly move into this new relationship? And did I make the right choice by leaving him? please help me :(


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  • 1st of all wtf are you doing going out with guys at 13 or 14 years of age.

    2ndly why didn't you wake up and get rid ages ago

    3rdly yes you did the right thing. now uve put yourself in a bad experience regarding a relationship simply bcoz you cudnt wait like a normal person to date some1 at 18 or higher.

    I don't feel sorry 4 you at all but you did get rid so you did something good.

    • I agree with your points but no need to be so harsh

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    • Yea truth hurts don't it. Were were your parents an all this going on.

    • They know everything that happened. Don't act like my parents didn't know and like they were bad parents, because they are very Christian parents and did a great job raising me. So you can stfu. Just because I had a boyfriend at the age of 14 didn't mean we were having sex. We were simply a couple. So mane you should stop be so judgmental.

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  • Go for it ... but not slowly

    You are finally wise

  • sounds like it


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  • It appears that your boyfriend is a classic abuser. Cussing you out? Twisting you finger? Those are deal breaker the first time it happens. I would have left then. So what he cried and said he will change! that is what they all do.

    Men like him will end up beating their wives and kids. Take your time with the other guy. Get to know him first.