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So I was at a library last night and I sat down near these two girls that were there together. It was a quiet zone where you weren't supposed to talk at all. When I sat down I glanced up at her and she was looking at me and she looked away quickly. Then later on I felt someone staring and I looked up and I think it was her but she looked away really fast so it might not have been her.

I couldn't start a conversation with her because we were in the library so as I left I wrote a note saying something like "hope this isn't awkward, I just couldn't think of a way to say this w/o being loud...I'm going home this weekend but I was thinking we could go get lunch sometime this next week. If you want to, you should text me, here's my number ____. If not it's no big deal, I just thought it was worth a shot :)"

So if she was interested, when would she text me?

  • That same night.
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  • This weekend.
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  • During next week.
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  • Later than that.
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  • Sounds like you are a bit desperate and it will show in the phone call or possible text. The best thing to do is to forget about it. Have a good time this weekend (what's left of it) and when she does contact you, you put in an "oh yeah, that's right" because it would have slipped your mind.

    But I believe that things happen for a reason. If it was meant to be, it will be. If not, move on.

    • Thanks for writing a whole paragraph while somehow managing NOT to answer the question. Good job.

      I'm not desperate for her response, I was just trying to figure out when she would reply if she was going. I've never tried giving a note like this to a girl so I was just curious. So don't sit here and tell me what I am or not. Thanks bro, go get a few more xper points.

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    • Sorry for my rant. I've just had some sh*tty luck lately and I'm kinda down right now. I'm looking for some light after a terrible week and I was hoping this might be the chance. Yes, I want her to text me. But no, I am not desperate.

    • I'm sure she is quite flattered to be hit on. You may catch her at the library again or perhaps in an area where you don't have to be silent. You could get some red and pink paper and make a Origami Kawasaki Rose link and tell her that you didn't want the real flower to wilt since you were unsure how long it would be before you see her again. A bit cheesy but if it doesn't work out with her, the next one might love the origami rose.