He said bye but now wants me to call him one last time...

Hi so, long story short, I was in a really depressed mood yesterday and pretty much decided to screw things up for myself. I told this guy I didn't care about what he was asking me because of my mood (he was asking me what I wanted from our relationship). He then said OK if that's your answer and hung up. Later he texted me saying "have a good life, I wish you the best". And then even later he texted me asking him to call him back one last time. I don't know what to respond, he hurt me because I really needed him then but he was partying at the time and I think was tipsy. I don't know what he would want to say to me, specially since he pretty much said goodbye. What should I do? Text him? Call him? Text him what?


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  • It seems it's time for you to be completely honest with him and tell him how you feel and think. If he really cares about you he'll try to work things out with you, but if not and things don't work out, then it wasn't meant to be and you'll move on.


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