Should I text her back? or wait?

I was texting my girlfriend ? I don't know what our relationship is. And we had a short convo she didn't text me back . She done this before, we talk Nd doesn't reply back should I text her or wait for her to text me ? Are relationship is hanging on a very thin string . We broke up kinda and she wants me to wait for her Nd not talk to any girls while she does the same . only because of school she doesn't have time ... what do I do ?


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  • First off, she isn't your girlfriend if you guys broke up. There is no kinda or sort's just yes and no. Obviously she doesn't want to be with you, if she really did you guys would be together and working things out. You never want to be runner up. It seems she has put you in that place with talking to you when she wants to (AKA Bored or needs to vent to someone). Also, with her saying that she wants you to wait for her and not to talk to any other girl is just another way of saying, "I own you and in case I can't find someone else better I'll have you as my backup." It's time for you to move on and let her go and be with someone who gives you as much attention as you do her. All in all, stop texting her, she's just baggage.

    • Wow your one blunt female! But man your f***ing right ...sooo just don't text her no more or do I tell height I think ?

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    • It's a bet ... Thanks allot for the advice :):):) ... I needed some one to tell me and a harsh cruel and honest way lol :)

    • You're welcome.

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