How should I supposed to respond to this girl?

We met last night at a pub when her and her friend waled up to me and my group of friends and chatted us up. We both got along really well although I was drunk and she was a sober driver. We all hung out for a while and it seemed pretty obvious to everyone we both liked each other. They invited us to a nearby club to hangout with them more I paid for for their cover, then when we got in some random guy walks up to her and starts hitting on her as soon as I saw that I kinda walked away and just talked with one of my buddies. Apparently a couple of my friends dance with both of the girls later on.. but got out of there pretty quickly. She later found me on Facebook somehow this morning and sent me this message "I didn't mean to ditch you, I thought you were going to dance with me!" I have no idea whether I should even respond. I really like her and I'm 100% sure she felt the same about me. I just don't want to seem like a doormat... she let random guy hit on her in front of me, let my other friend grind on her after I I'm pretty lost to say the least. Should I message her back and what should I say, I have no idea how to respond to that.


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  • If you like her then be more assertive and pursue her. You can't blame a girl you don't know for getting hit on. Count yourself lucky she still messaged you after that display.