Why can't I seem to get it right in personal relationships? PLEASE HELP!

I'm a very pretty girl, friendly, smart and really have my own pick of whom I want to date. I like to flirt, but not get too close. I do have a boyfriend, and he is my first. But, I constantly get angry or frustrated with him because I cannot figure out his feelings for me and want to tie him down, but at the end of the day, I end up pushing him away or trying to sabotage the relationship, and realize that I don't want to be tied down either. If I feel like I'm too happy or very happy with someone, I will get scared and try to leave or Because problems. Through this, my boyfriend sticks with me, and I don't quite understand why. I throw him every test in the book that usually would make guys leave, and yet he still stays and thinks I'm amazing. He wishes I could relax and take things as they come, and I get hyper sensitive. Like I said, I'm very fun to be around and talk to when I don't care I can have fun with anyone, but if I truly care about them or start to care about them, I become possessive, hyper sensitive and can't relax, so I just end up giving up or being hurt, and if it's me getting hurt, its because I drop everything to be with them or do things for them and I get no respect. Or, I'll get super excited befriending someone new, and just tell them all about me, and then after that I have nothing to say, or I'm not or they're not interested anymore. I'd just be happier being at arms length with someone than get too deep, but I do have strong feelings for my boyfriend, but I just can't open up. This is also the same with friendships. What's wrong with me?


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  • Your possessive, insecure about being hurt, and you seem to like drama. But, you also appear to be a good friend and a giving person. You need to find away to address your insecurities, stop thinking you are going to get burned in relationships and trust others to treat you like you want to be treated. Push your enemies away, not the people that care about you.

    • i actually don't care for drama... but for whatever reason, I always try to make things worse than what they really are, if that makes sense? I don't know why I always tend to keep people around that don't care about me and push away people that really care about me -.-

    • What I mean by drama is continuously giving your boyfriend tests and trying to sabotage the relationship, to me that's drama.

  • You have to ease into it little by little, starting with him, because he's obviously devoted to you. You can also just look up some general advice on being commitment phobic, because it's a very common issue.


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