So I need help with kissing?

So here's the thing I've never kissed anyone :(

How does it feel when ou have your first kiss?

Does it come naturally?

Can I have some tips on how to kiss please ha :)


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  • i feels AMAZING nd it feels like you never want to stop! lol nd yes it does come naturally. And it depends on if you want him to lean in to kiss you, or if you want to lean in to kiss him. If you want to do it, then here's a fun tip :) try play fighting a little at first lean in and press your forehead against his and keep it there for a few seconds, then tilt your head slowly to the right or left nd go in for the kiss. But if you want him to kiss you, here's another kinda cute tip, put a necklace on and look down for a few seconds and kinda play with it, then slowly but flirtatiously look up @ him. And if that still doesn't get him, rub your hand down his chest just a little bit and pull him close to you just a little bit. But make sure your REALLY close to him when you do this. Hope this helped :)

    • Aww, thank you.! :D

      && I guess it comes even MORE natural for people who always kiss themeselves huh.? LoL

      But yet again thank you.! && what do you mean on pull him closer by his shirt? :)